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The best system you build will be the one that doesn’t need you. Whatever you are building should not need you. The service, the app, the process, none of it should depend on you. You are a bottleneck. You are a single point of failure. When another person attempts to…

A step by step system for solving hard problems

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PagerDuty just alerted. Incoming requests to our service dropped to zero. The customer support team is getting overwhelmed with complaints that the site is down. I’ve checked dashboards and nothing stands out. It shows the request drop but all other metrics look normal. No unusual errors in logs. No changes…

As you progress in your career as a software engineer you gradually are tasked with solving larger and more complex problems. Eventually you are tasked with designing systems or modifications to systems that require multiple developers to work on and may take weeks or months to build. These problems, generally…

Corey Sunwold

I like writing code and long walks in the woods.

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